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Only The Free Will of The Free market Can Prove the True worth of a Free Military

So what did Bobby Jindal choose to ridicule in this response to Obama last night? Volcano monitoring, of course.

And leaving aside the chutzpah of casting the failure of his own party’s governance as proof that government can’t work, does he really think that the response to natural disasters like Katrina is best undertaken by uncoordinated private action? Hey, why bother having an army? Let’s just rely on self-defense by armed citizens.

[ cf What should government do? A Jindal meditation ]

There it is.

Only the Free Trade in a Free Market can win the wars we want to win!!! Since we can not depend on the evils of a socialist government that would impose excess governmental regulation on the Free Trade in War Winning Whatevers!!!! which is why we must stop the welfare queens in the DOD who so clearly hate freedom and are merely destroying our white christian america because they lack the patriotism to support the Free Trade in the Free Markets of Global Domination!!!!

are you there yet???

Think of war run by Enron....

OOPS, my bad. Haliburton was more innovative, and a clear compelling proof of war winning ness...
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