drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Killing Kitties For Krist

While looking around for the recent new article about the recent rise in the amount of "drinking to get DRUNK" that is occuring amongst College Non-MalePerlkin, i ran across the line
"Everybody forgets the damn Charles," Kors said. "Every time the Charles is missing, I kill a kitten.
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It became apparent to me that there are many other problems going on at the Modern Evil Draft Dodging Magnets That are the Evil Liberal Educational System which is harboring all of those Victims of ChickenHawk Angst Syndrome, where they are sublimating their Urges and Desires to be the Next Great War Hero Like Carl Rove of Tom DeLay by trying to acccidentally liberate Co-Ed's from their School Uniforms!!!!

So clearly the Solution is not to stop the Beer Companies from being a 3rd of the revenue for college campus'. It is not to deal with the Beer Culture surrounding the Sports Metaphour that is the main funding stream for so many college campuses these days!!! No!!! Those are the Bulwarks of Freedom Embodying the Glorious Victory of the Free Market System that Made America Free From the Threat of the Cold War.
Except of course for
Karl Rove Saved the Day
Day that all true patriots celebrate as the Glorious Day when Karl and the Armoured Flying Saucer Korp defeated the Evil Forces of the High Grand Wazier's Vietnamese Battle Fleet and Gave America back to the Americans. No matter what the evil liberal media tries to pretend was what would have happend in the Vietnam Era if the "War" had been left to merely the evil liberals and their evil liberal media meat Puppets
So the Only REAL solution to the rise in Drinking Issues amongst women on College Campus's and the concomitant Sexual Violence, is to stop the evil Liberals and their Culture Of Corruption that has opposed the President and left the nation at risk of attack by Actual Real Imaginary Weapon Systems that may or may not at this very moment in in the Hands of Dangerous Persons who would Use them to Kill The Kitty!!!!!

Can there be any doubt that we must round up the usual suspects and intern these evil liberals in internment camps!!!!

You Know, To SAVE THE Kitty!!!


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