drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Evil Liberals Want Komets to Destroy Freedom.

Thus, as best as I can tell, Luigi Zingales's argument comes in four steps:
1. Our problem is in the banking system.
2. Keynesian deficit spending will not fix the banking system.
3. Keynesians say that even though Keynesian deficit spending will not fix the banking system, it will keep unemployment from rising much higher while we do other things to fix the banking system.
4. The weakness of this Keynesian argument is--LOOK!! THERE IS HALLEY'S COMET!!!!
So it is kind of hard to figure out how to respond.
[ cf The Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Modern Chicago School, Part LXXIV (emphasis mine)]
Well, There it is.

They sooooo do not care that Keynesianism causes Komets to come hurtling at america!!!

Obviously this is a clear cause of Iranqianist Flying Saucerisms!!!

That and the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage AgendaNistaIsm!!!!

Thus we see that Liberals are Bad.
Tags: economics, generic_fear

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