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help for our brightly painted savages in the hinterland...

Uh dudes, you do understand that Algiers was considered Metropolitian France, and not merely some overseas colony....
To paraphrase Mauriac, I love France, but I don’t want there to be two of them, least of all if one is in the United States. … I think President Obama’s counter-revolution goes in the right direction. … Still, the $3.6 trillion Obama budget made me a little queasy. There is a touch of France in its “étatisme” — the state as all-embracing solution rather than problem — and there’s more than a touch of France in the bash-the-rich righteousness.... Americans, at least in their imaginations, have always lived at the new frontier; French frontiers have not shifted much in centuries. Churn is the American way. … If America loses sight of these truths, it will cease to be itself...
( cited from Let Us Rally to Protect the Delicate Flower of Rugged Individualism! )

Uh, the loss of algiers, which occurs under dugal after da great wwII, uh was like uh centuries ago....

Uh, then uh, like this whole slip stream things is slippy and streamy....

So if we were to say lose South Carolina, something that has not occurred to the USofA in a billion years or so, it would be sorta like be more french?
Tags: generic_fear, republican_pron

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