drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

All hail our post surreal technologiest.

Well today started out strange.

I got a phone call I could not connect with - and it just sat there making clicking and buzzing sounds.

Then when i tried to call for my health insurance issues, I could not get a dial tone.

Where it gets seriously crazy, is that I could call the house fone from my cell fone - and I get ringing.

I can not pick up the phone on the house side.

But the answering machine picks up....

Except that the house phone keeps ringing - and the cellphone can not hear anything from the house fone, and just keeps on making the sound that it is all ringie dingie.

I think this is clear proof that Liberalism Is Bad; and that Obama is WRONG to try to base things on science rather than ideology! Since clearly this sort of techical problem can only be defined by the lack of faith of those who oppose the Guacamole.

Or as my co-worker and I giggled at it. The loss of dial tone on a thousand fones, that I can explain....
Tags: geek_stuff, generic_fear

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