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uh, so... uh, the problem is that the Evil Godless Whit Christian Persecutors are preventing TruthierSquads from keeping the wiki up to date about how the Evil Civlian President is not really elligibled for presidenting.... Cause he is uh, from some ferrign devil land.

( sadly no:Shorter Jim Hoft )

Thot experiment here kids, will the same folks who brought you the specialist new case, that did not get overruled or pardoned by the evil left wing draft dodger TheDubya, in all 8 years of his hate america campaign, so why exactly is folks expecting that the new cases of disobeying a lawful order, will have any better chance of surviving the Radical Left Wing Extremist Judicial Activists on the Supreme Court, who installed the god hating america bashing EcoTerroristTreeHuggerInChief, that radical left winger Herbert Hooverite The Dubya, any more now than before???

I mean, uh, things are even worser now what we do not really really have a War President... or at least there is that problem about if the War President was really the Real War President in the last administration, or were they all just Klintonesta....

Yeah, that's the ticket...

The liberals are persecuting everyone....

So either you are supporting the True War President, and not the false ones, or you are stabbing the troops in the back...
Tags: republican_pron

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