drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Evil Film Combo's

Ok, so the evilOnes took me to the stanford theatre to see the double bill of Wuthering Heights and The Scarlet Pimpernel. They both had this guy merle oberon - which was why evilOne(she) had advocated seeing it. But i think it was to inflict Wuthering Heights onto evilOne(he) as a part of their whole evil liberal plot to impose Gay HomoZeXual Marriages.

Long story short. HELLO!!!! HELLO!!!! if you did not see Prop 8 stemming DIRECTLY from Wuthering Heights, what were you? Asleep at the wheel!!! That was sooo all about how evil things are when evil whilely wanton womanly wones get wickly wascally in their whilely wanton womanly ways!!!

I Mean it just SCREAMS Capital Gains Tax Cuts.

Ok, so I never really liked the sort of folks who bibble babbled about wuthering heights as some sort of thingus of pooh....

So the film remains one of those grand classical films, that was once so socially relevant. With of course the grand tragedy that we keep revisiting the problems of class consciousness and class warfare, with such fun as 'six degrees of separation' and the usual rich teenagers persecute the ugly duckly films, not to mention all of the ongoing variations on 'the heathers' that will always keep on getting remade...

Then there is the scarlet pimpernel, which I have always loved, for all the horror of Foppery UnMasked...

Yes, there is the interesting sub text at one end that the original story is written before WWI, when aristocracy is not really a problem, per se. When the radical extremisms of the revoltionists IS a problem. Baroness Emma Orczy moves with her family from Hungary to London at the turn of the century.... While the whole kult of SOE would be come the "baker street irregulars", for the lower class types... It would also be a home for various toffy nosed twits who were not allowed to play in the establishment's traditional intelligence directorates....

So it has a bit of problem, and romance, and issues, and most of all stuff.

Oh yes, and Mussy Bits. Ik Yuk Grosse.
Tags: film, republican_pron

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