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more Proof Liberals Hate the Guacamole....

Shlaes has explained in an op-ed piece that she did this because "to count a short-term, make-work project as a real job was to mask the anxiety of one who really didn't have regular work with long-term prospects." So, if you worked twelve hours per day in a coal mine hoping not to contract black lung or suffer an injury that would render you useless, you were employed. But if you constructed the Lincoln Tunnel, you had an anxiety-inducing make-work job.
[ cf Jonathan Chait on New Deal-Denialism ( emphasis mine )]

What can I say. When I saw her forgotten man book come out, i of course picked it up to browse it. Since, well, who can resist that wonder of
Busby Berkley and the very Powerful number “Remember My Forgotten Man” from Gold Diggers of 1933.

But Komrade party leader was not writing about Busby Berkley, nor was she writing about the great depression.

She was writing one of those Slip Stream Novels about he Singularity that would have come about if only history had been made up of other bits....

So..... we must go on winning against the Zombie voodoo Dust Bunnie Gay HomoZeXual Nancy Pelosi thinguses, and stuff, with reanimated Mushroom and Anchovie Pizza Box Cyborg Al-Qaeda Cheerleader virgin bikini beach blanket bongo wongo...

If you know what we mean.

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