drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should TruthierNeff be allowed to Threaten Americanism?

He misses two important threads.
1. Had John McCain won last November, very few of the New Deal denialists would be out in public--instead, the Republican legislators and their tame intellectuals would be enthusiastially rallying behind McCain's tax cut-based Keynesian fiscal stimulus package right now.

2.Amity Shlaes was fired from the Financial Times for lying about the Bush administration's preparedness to deal with Hurricane Katrina. Surely this deserves a mention?
( cf Jonathan Chait on New Deal-Denialism )
Ok, so she was underTruthier about american plans to defeat the Iranqian Flying Saucers that attacked New Orleans as a part of Hurricane Katrina.

I mean really. In a time of Tax Cuts, should people be revealing every national security fact about how the government plans to defeat the MushRoom and Anchovie Pizza Box Flying Saucers????


Do you think that the Obama Administration should be revealing how the War President is still keeping america safe from those threats????

Would Jack Bauer stop torturing people if there were some sort of thingus about stuff....

That's what is wrong with these radical extremists!!!!

Any effort to retreat back to a facutalist based society merely means the Terrorists are More Mushroom Reanimated than ever before...

{ for our slow readers.... try to remember, that simply because teh obama clique believes that
2 + 2 = 4
doesn't mean it is so.... we are
Now more than ever before.... }
Tags: economics, generic_fear, republican_pron

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