drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should Americans Retreat to Mere Reason?

I love the discussion point
The Bush aide who told Ron Susskind in 2003 that the United States was now an empire and created its own reality was merely being honest about the process by which the Republican ascendancy had been established. Very little of what Republicans say about Ronald Reagan, for instance, is true:
[ cf Bringing reason back? ]
Clearly someone will have to make a better pitch for why reasoning would have been a better solution....

Why not solve the riddle of why the Reagan Era, like the Mythological Fifties, seem the way that they seem.

Then figure out how to sell that as a Car Air Freshener....

When we complain about some of the problems of american politics, what if a central part of the problem is that we allow americans to vote in their elections....
Tags: generic_fear, republican_pron

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