drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

All Hail Our Great Military War President

On the good new Side:
U-6 at 14.8%
If you do not know what U6 is, well, uh, you might want to know, especially if you become a part of U1 ....

But the cool stuff is
The most deserving and valuable people in America, according to National Review, aren't our firefighters, police officers, nurses, soldiers, and teachers. Instead, they are our lawyers, bankers, executives, and top salespeople.

Nice to see it hung out on the line for once.

[ cf National Review Lays It on the Line! ]
I mean, uh dude.

In a time of tax cuts who is really more important????

I mean who can forget who it was who helped put together the sort of leveraged buy outs that made outsourcing the war a central part of the whole Homeland Security Investment Bubble!!! And folks need to understand that in a time of tax cuts the most important thing IS a Permenante Capitale Gains Tax Cuts, or the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista will sell your virgin teen age cheerleader daughters to canadianist zombie bankers!!!

I Mean, support the War President to Support The Permenante Capitale Gains Tax Cuts or the TERRORISTS WIN!!!
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