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They Coming For The White Women And Children!!!

It was a pleasure to lose this bet § Unqualified Offerings: Accused enemy combatant Ali Al-Marri is being transferred to civilian custody to stand trial in a regular court of law. A few months ago I made a bet that Obama would assert the power to detain enemy combatants without trial. I am delighted to be proven wrong here, and I am also delighted to have sent $50 to Habitat for Humanity, as per the terms of the bet with commenter BubbaDave.
[ cited The Good Guys Win One ]
The problem really remains, what in god's green earth does the buzz phrase
Accused enemy combatant
mean in the real world?

If they are an armed combatant detained on the battlefield, Then they are POW's.

Hence they should not be handed over to Civilian Courts to stand trial for engaging in warfare.

IF on the other hand the person is a criminal who has engaged in a crime, then prosecuting them in a court of law remains the number one best option.

So while I applaud a step back towards reasonability and general sanity... I am not sure that it is a good thing to continue to use the old failed useless language...

Unless of course this is really secret liberal code that they are rounding up the White Christian Americans for their extermination camps, and market wholesale discount to you pricing...
Tags: war, war_crimes

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