drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Cranking On Digby's Dogma

Sometimes one has to go after the Evil Liberals, for being Evil and Liberal.

In the rant Iraq: Terrorism Insurance Is Not The Only Growth Industry cites the rise in the cost of various small arms for sail in iraq. I of course had to point out the obvious in the comment section:
Now folks will FINALLY GET IT!!!! How the Free Market Won The Cold War!!!! And more importantly why we should pull the american troops out of Iraq and allow the Invisible hand of the Free Market to Win In Iraq!!!!

Deregulate the Market and it willl decide.

What someone foolishly does not understand, yes, In American God Hating American Bashing Leftist Liberal Gun Grabber WingNuts like the National Rifle Association OPPOSE allowing americans to buy and own Grenades, RRPG's, Mortars and the rest. But in the rest of the world, there is none of that Leftist Extrermist Dogma and the Market is Free to Set the Price based upon the Majik of the Imaginary Hand - whether it is for the price of bread, milk, land mines, mortars, pint of whole blood...

Yeah!!! Civil war!!! What civil war - they are merely engaged in the level of sectarian violence that the Victims of ChickenHawk Angst Syndrome eagerly yearn for, but just do not have the emotional security to step up to the plate and support!!!
How much longer must we wait till we can ENJOY the level of Domestic Sectarian Violence here in america as we Purge the Evil Doing Evil Doers And Their Evil Doing Ways!!!

I Mean the Devil Worshippers are actually allowing Non-MalePkerkin to write reviews of Darwin: Discovering the Tree of Life and they of course FAIL to point out that No Patriotic American Supports Darwin, hence that this book, and the American Museum of Natural History that perpetrated this Apostasy Upon Americans, are Evil Doing IslamoFasictCommieZionistBankingBolshivikii Konspirators who are all bent upon drinking the blood of innocent virginal white christian america!!!!

Now More than ever we MUST stop these types!

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