drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

"Reality Agnostic Media"

God Hating America Bashing Ferrign Devil wants to propose
Reality Agnostic Media
as the ideologically corrector replacement for Main Stream Media!

Clearly the current whinefest about the evil "Fairness Doctrine" makes it clear that we REALLY do not want some sort of regulatory oversight by the jack booted repressive Iron Fist of Government mandating standards about the number of Trans-Factuals a person is allowed to injest before they are FORCED to take Mind-Bleach!!!

Clearly only the Free Market can resolve how much
Reality Agnostic Media
should be encountered, and how much Trans-Factuals a person can actually embrace before becoming a mind numbed blithering idiot.

Remeber boys and NoPersons a prefessional Mind-Bleach cleansing is a personal right that the founding fathers always supported, and you should ONLY use prefessional Mind-Bleach cleansing by paid PreFessionals!!! Since clearly no sane person is in favor of Fessionals, and therefore can not really be a part of the Pro-Fessional Movement of any kind.

You Reality May Vary.
Void where permitted.
Tags: republican_pron

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