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which morality case?

A Wisconsin Army Reservist refused to leave Friday to return to his unit in Iraq, saying he’s become disillusioned with the U.S. role there.

Spc. Kristoffer Walker of Green Bay said he sent an e-mail to his squad leader, platoon sergeant and company first sergeant in Iraq, stating he won’t return from his two-week leave.
He said he now views the Iraq war as “an illegitimate, unnecessary campaign,” and he feels that by making him take part, the government broke the contract under which he agreed to defend the U.S.

“I feel absolutely justified in doing what I’m doing now based on their breach of the initial contract,” he said.
Lt. Col. Nathan Banks said Walker should return to duty and petition to be reassigned as a conscientious objector, adding that “he is letting down his battle buddies.”

Walker said he doesn’t fit the military’s definition of a conscientious objector, because he sees a legitimate purpose for warfare, as in retaliating when attacked.

He said he put in a request in December for a transfer out of Iraq, but it was denied. When he pursued it again, he said the effort ended the day before he left on leave, when he got an angry response that left him little hope of getting the request considered.

[ cf Wis. reservist refuses to return to Iraq ]
So ya gotta ask:
Is America still @WAR?
or did all of that just majikally change???
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