drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

oh things are just getting badder...

his economic crisis, like perhaps every other, comes from an inversion of normal Social Darwinist order: the strong but trusting were duped by the weak but devious; parasites did not ‘perish as they should’ — or rather, they did but they killed their hosts as well. But then such perversions of nature are inevitable when collectivists alter the economic ecosystem, when they suspend the properly-applying law of the jungle and instead force Randian supermen to give loans to duplicitous jungle bunnies.
[ cf Parasites Become Predators!
Shorter Megan McArdle
Now remind me again about which side the Atlantic Monthlay is suppose to have been on???

Or is the real core problem here the tragedy that so many americans only know the theological bits and bobs about economics, so wind up offering the folly of their theological drift???

Would it be gooder to try to ground more of american reasoning in something more closely approximating rational thot?

or is that the very threat the Terrorists want us to take...

So remember boys and nonPerkin:
Be Reasonable!
And the Terrorists WIN!
Tags: economics, religion, republican_pron

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