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Lords Of War

It is Out On DVD, in the special edition, at CostCo, no less. So the Flick is on the list of films you just have to buy. The imdb entry.

Yuri Orlov: There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That's one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other 11?
Which basically sums up the film as it works out how best to share with the nice folks in the burbs the Glorious Wonder of the Free Market System and how it won the Cold War. More Importantly how it is making the prospects of the Perpetual War not only a great marketting opportunity, but the best available alternative to actually having a planned population surviving in a renewable resource based culture.

It IS such a fun film, done well, and with such a brutally amusing insight into the wonders of it all. The part that makes the film freaker is the special added disk where the producers get to share their knowledge about the weapons dealers they needed. Since it was cheaper for them to buy 30,000 AK47's fresh off the rack than to try to do anything else... They had to shoot around the fact that the T-72's they got from one war lord had to be back by december, they were to be delivered. The reality of dealing with the process needed to make the film made them look at the film as being more than a little bit quirky.

What I also enjoyed in the film was the section about the underaged soldiers who have been at the heart of the last 20 plus years of brutality. Thank GOD we got out of the cold war, I mean pre-teens just do not have the technical savey to deal with high stakes politics associated with weapons of Mass Destruction, the classical and canonical, N,B,C - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical. But Give a Pre-Teen an Ak-47, and you can get folks serious terrorised OR dead, depending upon which you need at the time.

So if folks thought I was being RUDE about allowing the DOD to recruit in the K-8 grades, it is because of the great wonder the world has seen when we are fielding professional killers from those age groups. None of that VictimizedChickenHawkAngstSyndrome there. These are folks who will put the product to work.
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