drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

How much are the principles in the window....

... the one with the waggily tail....
In recent days, Jindal has displayed another leadership quality: ideological balance. He is highly critical of the economic theory of the stimulus package and turned down $98 million in temporary unemployment assistance to his state -- benefits that would have mandated increased business taxes in Louisiana. But unlike some Republican governors who engaged in broad anti-government grandstanding, Jindal accepted transportation funding and other resources from the stimulus -- displaying a program-by-program discrimination that will serve him well in public office. Jindal manages to hold to principle while seeing the angles...
[ cf Washington Post Crashed-and-Burned Watch ]
Ok, so I think that we should be very careful when we are talking about those Dangerous Human-Metaphour Chimera Experiments...

Since, well, it is important to know when to go long on principles, and when it is important to liquidate and get out of a position with what ever the market will bear. In related growly comedy we have
Nothing there any reality-based liberal could disageree with, right?

But Ruffini is a conservative. So let's see what he recommends:
We need to advance our ideas without ever once saying the word "conservative" or "Republican" in a speech. We need to define these ideas not as conservative, but as American. We need to be confident... that... our ideas are in alignment with basic American principles, and quit treating middle class, working class, or rural Americans like an interest group to be mollified by symbolic, substance-free BS.

But, Patrick, your ideas are not in alignment with basic American principles. Americans are for, not against, monitoring volcanoes. Americans are for, not against, human-animal chimeras to make insulin. Americans are for, not against, stem cell research. Americans are for, not against, love and fairness. Americans are against, not for, tax cuts for the rich. Americans are against, not for, Great Depressions.</i>
[ cf Patrick Ruffini Hates Joe the Plumber, Adam Smith Lapel Pins, Exaggerated Worship of Generation-Ago Presidents, Hollywood, Plungers, and Tax Cuts for the Rich ]
You see...

Now is the time for the GOP to totally Flip The FruitBatting Out, and drop any pretense of the failed pre-911 rational thot stuff...

Now is the time to just go
Doom de Doom de Doom....
Which PROVES! beyond a shadow of a doubt that Invader Zim has always been a Republican!!!

Insert laugh here that establish the True Irken nature of The Korrekt Implementation of the One TRUE and ONLY Republican Policy Position!!! Just as Gir would DO!!!
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