drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

freeperville Freaks Out

We have to be as NON-PARTISAN as possible because if we’re gonna win this thing it’s gonna be by uniting Americans not keeping them divided–which the gov’t media complex has a vested interest in.
Which comes back to comments about how we will depend on the Media to get the word out but they may also help to clue-in the opposition. If they the media and newspapers are notified the day of the events, then the ugliness could be minimized.”-Christie @ Resist
[ cf Suggested Tea Party Etiquette ]
Thank GOD the freaks at free republic never made an issue out of supporting the president to support the troops....

And also that they have never engaged in divisive politics....

Makes me wonder what has majikally changed?

The troops are still in Iranq and Afghanistan....
Tags: war, war_crimes

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