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Stop Making Sense....

I think it is fair to say that Reasoning did nothing to prevent the 2nd attack on the world trade center.

Nor for that matter did reason have any part in the various Mission Accomplished dances that have been done since then, including stuff about that iraq thing, and the current on going military victories against Wall Street.

So before our nation opts to take too many new and untried strategies and tactics, maybe it is time to sort out if we REALLY do want to have any of that Reasoning Stuff muck up the process.

As my friend billbill has been trying to drum into my head, there are some small issues with what the species has not been all that gooder at... that as an evolutionary process, maybe it is not going so well, and that if we want to join 'the big gun club', and get off tthis 3rd rock, that we are going to fundamentally need to get beyond the current evolutionary limits.

Put another way, I was having fun with the y10k bug, and that by changing from two digits to four digits, we merely defer the observable problem. My friend of course looked quisically at the argument, and speculated toward how things will clearly get better by 9999. I of course peered into the abyss and asked,
"Based upon which ten thousand years of what types of progress? Are we not still simpy doing the core basic:
Boy meets Girl.
Boy Loses Girl.
Godzilla Destroys Tokyo
And therefore not a gooder arbitor for change?"
and that for much of the tinkering that we have done in the so called areas of science and technology, most of that remains the unnatural space where we go against our natural ability to quickly, and irrationally, leap to the simple conclusion set
Will it eat me?
Can I eat It?
Should I mate with it?
I say 'irrationally' since, well, let us be honest, there is none of that romantic aristotelian syllogistic logic in play.

So while we can speak about much of what we call our 'reasons', how much of that is merely post-facto rationalizations?

Yes, there are some interesting economic issues in play here - there is also the little problem, that we will need to work out where do we want to go? Where do we want to arrive on the other side of this crisis?

Or are we just setting ourselves up for more of the same old failure that we have been going through?
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