drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But there is Always Good News....

Second-Biggest Bear Market Ever!.

Ok, so my whiner friends were whining about the need to get their head around the simpler problems...

How depressions are caused by the loss of demand, and with it the loss of the expectation of demand.

That the classical keynsianesque solution is that the Demander Of Last Resorts, the fed, should go and do it's right thing... DEMANDING Things.

One of which of course would have been to buy up the bad equities out there... OR the banks that are functionally dead at this point, and reasonably have no market value, so that they can then move the dead assets to the Happy Dead Asset Hunting Ground....

Which would give us a chance to start a whole new round of KapraEsque films, and then right after the Great War, we could have a fun filled film like "It is a wonderful life" about the small thrifts that focus'd on their customers, and why the issues of creating more Potterville are not in line with the war to whip which ever...

But wouldn't it be a great idea to get back to basics, the things that really cause improvement in economics, things like actual improvements in productivity???

Or would it be gooder to just go with the current model that what ever happens happens and it is the will of God Expressed by the Imaginary Foote of the Market...

I mean, you know, once this so called 'crisis' is over, and we have Real White Christian Americans in the white house restoring the dignity, that we will not have to worry about economic down turns because of course the divine will and mandate is divine, and will, and mandate...
Tags: republican_pron

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