drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

why you might not want to date some of my associates....

appearently your children grow up reading johnny the homocidal maniac :P although its more of a 'ha ha' thing then a guide to the brotherhood, i know for a fact you should never do soemthing you're good at for free, and the best jobs around are high-paid assassins, why kill people for free when you can be grossly overpaid for something you'd probably want to do anyway XD

That's what is really wrong with the GODLESS HORROR of the Evil Liberals...

It's their Golly Gosh Darn EVIL scab labor taking away all of the high paying jobs in the personal clarification and process model enhancement and enabling scenarioization contextualizers, who have customer oriented, market facing mechanisms of advanced state of the art Hygh Energy Synergistic returns on purification and clarification of problem originations.

But try to tell that to kids these day, and....

SO remember, when you want to klense the problem, get a professional consultant to provide the best available services at the most excessive to you margins that will enhance and empower your tax write offs....
Tags: republican_pron

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