drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

PSA - when the party stops, do not blame folks for starting to clean up.

I ran into the buzzphrase 'trickle up poverty' - and it is soooooooo funny.

No seriously.

It has been what, some fourty years of Failed Milton Friedman, and the clown show about The Laffer Curve, and how majikally, that trickle down effect was going to cover things...

So now, after having blown how many trillion on the high roller life of Leveraged WingNuttery, and the how many ever it will go on costing us, to get out of Iranq, and all of that....

Folks are upset that there is now an effort to get the economy back to recovery? And start over again?


How stoned were the whiners?

Or are they just stabbing the troops in the back, because, MAJIKALLY they do not want to be held accountable for the actual positions that they held...
Tags: republican_pron

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