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Yes, if we do not stop them now, they will simply keep on feeding on the Evil Largess of the Welfare State!
Newsweek Crashed-and-Burned Watch: Tom Tomorrow makes a catch:
...Starting in May, articles will be reorganized under four broad, new sections — one each for short takes, columnists and commentary, long reporting pieces like the cover articles, and culture — each with less compulsion to touch on the week’s biggest events. A new graphic feature on the last page, “The Bluffer’s Guide,” will tell readers how to sound as if they are knowledgeable on a current topic, whether they are or not.
[ cf This Week in Journamalism... ]
There it is.

More of the same old Failed Red Socialist Propoganda that prevents comedians from finding real comedy the old fashion way by hiring real comedy writers rather than resting their Yak-Yak's on the WHOLE HORROR of Cheap Government Handouts, and the Mind Numbing Noise of the MiniTrue Inc.

I say we invade Jamaica, put up a sign that it is now a free part of Free Canada.

And then just get to the whole Bong Canada for Jezuz.....
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