drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Kids these days...

I am soooooo worried you know....

I mean, what sort of children grow up reading "johnny the Homocidal Maniac".

I mean, we are PROFESSIONALS!!!! we only kill those in the contract!!!!
You can lose your union card if you wind up snuffing for fun and pro bono!!!!

Hey HO! Just Say NO! To scab labor taking high paying jobs from Guild Members...

So while I can understand the usual psuedo-con may be so anti-union that they want to break the Guild, there are god given good reason to keep the Guild For The Guild!!!

Remember, the next time you want to snuff someone, LOOK FOR THE UNION LABEL!
And remember, buy american, and buy the best in modern killing methods and techniques.
Because Quality IS job one!!!
Tags: geek_stuff, republican_pron

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