drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Support The GastArbeitor Protective Administration!!!!

I am sure that many are aware that dangerous Foreign Agents will be Unmasked by MiniTrue as having been involved in the Anti-State Terrorist Activities of those agitating against Delphi's request that the US Bankruptcy Court help them weed out dangerous elements amongst their Employees.

Can there be any question that the new GastArbeitor Protective Administration MUST be created!!! This is an organization that clearly needs to be outside of the current Department of State Secuirty, since it will provide the Protective Custody of those GastArbietors who have been vetted and released from detention by the Department of State Security.

It will also be tasked with Proetecting GastArbeitor from any threats which might be made by Obivious Foreign Devils who have been maskarading as american citizens as a part of their sinister plot to offer aid and comfort to the Enemy By Opposing the Great Leader, and his enhanced policies for protecting the GastArbeitor from being abused by persons who have not been veted to clarify the position of a Given GastArbeitor, or a person who may well not be American Enough.

Yes, NOW!!!! More than ever one must Support The GastArbeitor Protective Administration, or one may neeed to clear up a few ambiguities that have been detected by MiniTrue, nothing all that serious, in fact, it is possible that if one is willing to renounce their american citizenship, most of the more difficult matters can be resolved real easily!!!!

So what IS it going to be? Total Loyalty to the Great Leader? Or Inforrmation Retrieval?

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