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More Krugman Hates teh Guacamole

Ownership society watch: between 2004 and 2007 — but estimates, based on stock and housing prices, that all of that gain and more has been wiped out since then. Adjusted for inflation, families are poorer now than they were in 2001. It’s worth pointing out that with this release, yet another pillar of the what-me-worry school of economics has fallen. You may remember that a few years ago there was a lot of talk about how only bubbleheads paid attention to our low, low savings rate, because the truth was that Americans were getting steadily wealthier thanks to rising asset values. Not so much, it turns out.
[ cf First Decade This Has Happened since the You-Know-What... ]
you see.

He is evil.

He hates freedom!

He is bad!!!

Happy People Are Happy!

Good People Are Good!

Krugman is evil shrill hysterical angry leftist loser for Faux News and their Hard Left Radical Extremists!

{ hey kids, what if it IS time to clean up the mess of the Goldwater weasels? or should we be rude about reminding folks of the 1964 election, and, well, you know, that Ike was a Communist Stooge, that JFK was assasinated by the Comintern for not making America a Red Puppet State fast enough, and all of the rest of the fun bits... }
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