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Do Yoo Support More American Torture???

Obama, Yoo says, has put the safety of Americans on the line: his torture ban will “seriously handicap our intelligence agencies from preventing future terrorist attacks.” Never mind, of course, that no evidence has been advanced of a single instance in which the use of torture produced intelligence that prevented a future terrorist attack, while detailed and specific evidence has now been put forward that torture produced bad intelligence used to justify the invasion of Iraq. Those are irritating details that detract from a nice narrative. So what’s all this about? Is Yoo suffering from withdrawal pangs coming off an addiction to torture?... I’ve followed John Yoo and his writings with some care for a while now, and I think I finally understand what this is about. Namely, a pending probe by the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is looking at serious ethical issues surrounding the issuance of Yoo’s legal opinions.
[ cf Scott Horton Keeps Us Up-to-Date on Some of the Bush Administration's Crimes ]

The Radical Left Wing Persecutors are considereing Professional Responsibility?????

Wouldn't it just be simpler to round Yoo UP, and torture him until he confesses whom were his collaborators, and which of them were Godless Unbeleivers, who are still stabbing our troops in the Back!!! I am more than convinced that Yoo would confess that it really was all Emmanuel Goldstein's fault... That he had always truly loved america but Emmanuel Goldstein had set him on the road to self loathing and self hatred and an opposition to Victory Brands...

Are YOU doing your part to support not only Victory Brands, but also the Homeland Security Investment Bubblers?

You know, to stop terrorists!
Tags: torture, war_crimes

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