drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who IS Christopher Hitchens, and why DOES he hate America?

I ran across him from digby and Wikipedia: Christopher Hitchens makes it clear that he is NOT an america, but not why he hates america?

I was somewhat amused that he got only a runner up in the Golden Wingers I mean, he can't be that much over 50 something if he was born in 1949, and yet there is no reference in there as to why he took a pass on Winning In That IraqiThingiePooh?

The real comical bit from the WikiPedia is
Hitchens has regarded Operation Iraqi Freedom as a critical front in the conflict between secular democracy and theocratic fascism.
which means that he opposes the president,, and the need to restore religion and win against the evil secular democracts, which means that he is on the side of the terrorists...

So Why DOES this man hate America?

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