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Evil Liberals Briefed By War President's Staff on True Priorities

At Long Last
The global economic crisis has become the biggest near-term U.S. security concern, causing instability in a quarter of the world's countries and threatening destructive trade wars, U.S. intelligence agencies reported on Thursday.

The Director of National Intelligence's annual threat assessment also said al Qaeda's leadership had been weakened over the last year. But security in Afghanistan had deteriorated and Pakistan had to gain control over its border areas before the situation could improve.

"The financial crisis and global recession are likely to produce a wave of economic crises in emerging market nations over the next year," said the report. It said a wave of "destructive protectionism" was possible as countries find they cannot export their way out of the slump.

[ cf UPDATE 1-Global economy crisis top security threat -U.S. ]
We can only hope that this will get more civilians on board with winning against the Godless Unbeleivers of Wall Street!!!

That only a MILITARY PLAN can win the War On Wall Street!!!

That we can not wait around and act as if this were merely some criminal issue that needed more Police!!!


Gir Demands It!!!

{ behind every divinity of dubya, there is a Manifestation of the True Gir!!!
All Hail Gir who brings us True Peace!!! }
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