drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Invader Zim does Red Kommunist Hollywood.

Think of it as the Irken Post Surrealist KapraEsque response to the current state of Kultur Koffee Klatchen, now that the Kultur Wars have been put on hold pending a refinancing.

As a part of the Great Patriotic American Film Societies ongoing WAR WITH EVIL, and the Cinema Grudge Match, there will be these GRIM REMINDERS that currently Red Hollywood is just not what it was in the grand days of Busby BeZerkley - the slasher death dancers FROM HELL!!!

But as Donald Rumsfeld FULLY informed everyone
We go to war with the Red Hollywood that we have.
Not the Red Hollywood we would prefer
which as we all know was mistaken by the Evil Liberal Media as some sort of alledged call to attack the Irken, which was subsequently reinterpolated to mean
Americans Must Restore the Iranqian Wetlands
but that is what happens when evil liberal media types go wild.

In the current STATE of the struggle, the plan is:
The Mountain View theater on Shoreline has "Push" at 11:55 AM this Saturday.
True patriotic Death Grudge Match would have a response to this OBVIOUS HORROR with "Dr. Doolittle", since the imagery of a Unifying All Wise Doctor would be an excellent counter point.
Tags: film, generic_fear, kultur_kamp

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