drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should the Obama Regime Break with the Secret Torture State?

Ok, so my whiney evil liberal friend offers us On Vox: I'm Outraged By President Obama which points us to Glenzilla: The 180-degree reversal of Obama's State Secrets position, where there are some lovely updates to the ongoing discussion about whether or not a Civilian President should protect the Super Duper Sekret Programmes of the War President.

It should be noted that the UK has opted out of offering testimony, that would validate the plaintiff's claim to torture, on the ground that the UK needs the information sharing relationship with the War President's secret collection of torture facilities that have kept us safe from them for all this time.

I think that it is important for americans to decide if they want to Support the War President in a time of Homeland Security Investment Bubbling, or do they really want to allow a Civilian President to over rule The War President - even IF the evil liberal media is no longer covering the Mission Accomplished Dance of the War President.

Those of you who favor the Civilian President should report to the department of homeland security for further processing, you know, for reasons of national security, and the preservation of the presidential right to state secrets that cover the whole of the Unitary Executive!!!
Tags: intelligence, torture, war, war_crimes

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