drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Evil Liberals Murdering Innocent Persons...

Dead Hobo Reporting Glitch Claims Another White House Appointee - Mark Hemingway - The Corner on National Review Online: Iowahawk:
[ cf Now I Remember Why I Haven't Read Anything from National Review since Election Day... ]

HanoiAnnie Coulter is back reporting for the NRO???

OR is it the Evil Fault of the Evil Liberal Media and their failure to report on the number of Murdered HOBO's that evil liberals in the Rich White Elitists Obamanite Klique have been hiding under the porch as a part of their Monolithic War On White Christian America, because these god haters believe all white christian americans are HOBO's... and therefore started slaughtering them before the Official Start of the "Murder White Christian American Season", which as we all know is how they are planning to pay off the federal debt through MASSIVE EXCESSIVE REGULATORY OVER ABUSES of the sale of Licenses to White Christian America Slaughterers who use to be able to do that as a part of their God Given 2nd Ammendment Right against persecution for slaughtering White Christian Americans, just like the founding fathers supported!!!

Which merely goes to show why Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista HATE The Guacamole....
Tags: generic_fear

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