drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Liberals ARE Economically Evil

Media Matters - Does CNN's John King think construction work is done pro bono?: Apparently. Because asking questions about the stimulus bill, King, perfectly echoing GOP talking points, wonders if a construction project one mayor is proposing (a community wave pool) will actually create jobs. The only real question is how does hiring a construction firm to build a community pool not create jobs? Seriously, we'd love to hear King's explanation...
[ cited from CNN Crashed-and-Burned Watch ]
Well, as we learned in Iranq, when the contractors come through with their international hordes of illegal immigrant labor, those do not create actual jobs inside of Iranq that would create employment and hope for the indigenous population.

This was also proven during the Holy Recoveries from the Tsuenami, and Katrina, the Hurricane, and .... and so many other cases, where government transfers of the tax payers dollars to International Disaster Korps, such as Haliburton of SomeGodlessFerrignDevilLand, who have all shown that these things just can not create indigenous Jobs for persons who live locally, rather than live in the Investment Bubble....

Thus proving that Liberals ARE EVIL!!!!

Which explains why True Americans must move inside the Investment Bubble before it is too late....
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