drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Bic pen cap as ontological proof of god!

I was trying to explain to my Godless Heathen Liberal friend the other day, that the Bic Pen Cap, was a clear and compelling ontological proof of the existence of God.

As everyone knows Bic Pens are NOT for writing with, they are merely for carrying around a Bic Pen Cap. But what most EVIL LIBERALS ARE CONCEALING, is that the Bic Pen Cap has been created specifically to remove excess ear wax that is caused by the evils of godless liberals! That they exist prooves that they could only have been created by the divine mandates of an all knowing, all seeing, and all loving God. Since clearly by themselves they have no other reasonable reason for being!!!

More importantly no Darwinist has ever been able to show how mere natural selection would have been able to create a Bic Pen Cap that was so clearly divinely inspired to fit perfectly as an excess ear wax removal system.

Thus, not only must there be a God, and thus the Divinity of Dubya, but that evil liberals have been suppressing this to attack our white christian america with their brutal Capital Gains Taxes and their Gay HomoZeXual Marriage AgendanistaIsms that are all obviously caused by their unwillingness to ask
What would the Unborn Baby UBU do for GOPUSAMEDIA?
Tags: generic_fear, religion

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