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Should Ferrign Devils be allowed to limit american military deployment...

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday it was "regrettable" that Kyrgyzstan was considering the closure of a U.S. air base there but that negotiations were continuing on the issue.
Kyrgyzstan's parliament is set to vote next week on whether to shut a U.S. air base that is an important staging post for U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan.

"We will proceed in a very effective manner no matter what the outcome of the Kyrgyzstan government's deliberations might be," she said of U.S. operations in Afghanistan.

[ cf Clinton says Kyrgyz move on U.S. base "regrettable" ]
I think we should put aside for the moment the HORROR of American Troops fighting some failed Klintonesta Nation Building Project under the Jack Booted Repression of UN Oversight in Afghanistan.

Instead we should focus on whether we want to allow mere Parliament's to dictate where and how our troops bring the Freedom that can only come from the Homeland Security Investment Bubbling!!!!

Clearly if we allow ourselves to be pushed around in Kyrgyzstan, merely because some secularists in some so parliament say so, we leave america at risk of allowing any secularly elected government, including the civilian government here in the Good Old USofA thinking that they can pass laws and limit the Opportunities for Total Victory.....

And we would not want to allow Civilians to start thinking that they have some sort of special privileges.

Now do not get me wrong. I have nothing against Civilians, my father even married a couple. But I do not believe that they should think that they have some sort of special privileges!!!

The next thing you know they will want to vote and stuff....
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