drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Proof That Klintonesta Threaten White Christian America!!!

In 1993, I did a pretty shabby job of covering Bill Clinton's economic plan. It was, in sum, a very good plan--it worked wonders for the economy--but I focused on the mishaps.
It pains me to watch normally reasonable colleagues overreacting to Obama's situation now--which is far less dire than Clinton's was. Some form of stimulus will pass. If it doesn't revive the economy, then more stimulus will be passed. Obama's maintaining the proper balance of reaching out to Republicans, making some compromises, but staying firm on the need for a bill that includes public works as well as tax cuts. A Republican Senator, a vocal opponent of the bill, told me the other day: "The guy has really impressed us. We may not vote for the bill, and he may have to learn that you have to give us more than he wants to give us to make us happy, but he's made a really strong start that will work to his benefit down the road."

[ cf Joe Klein, Light-Seer ]
Well, there it is.

The Evil Klintonesta are still a walking threat to the freedom of White Christian America because they are evil and hate freedom...

How can anyone feel safe KNOWING that the godless are out there corrupting the moral fibre...

You know, Evil Liberals, who think merely because the civilians made a mistake and their radical left wing Liberal Media is no longer reporting about the War President's Total Victorious Victories, that this should allow the Evil Liberals to, well, act like they were some sort of Ruling Class about to govern a large nation state...

I mean, that is the core failure of the Evil Klintonesta!!! That they feel that they have a 'right' to act like they are a Government, when only the Ones appointed By GOD can Govern...
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