drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Peanut Story, or freeing the free market...

Hey kids, has any body noticed how all of the God Hating America Bashing Defeatist, kapitulationists, yada-yada-yada, in the evil liberal media, is once again pressing not only the Gloom and Doom, but also it's red communist Hollywood elitist yada-yada-yada, rather than Embracing the Growing Economic Miracle!!!

Think how much happier americans would be if they no longer had the evil government limiting their choices about how much salmonella was allowed in Peanut Products!!!

Americans could be free to let the Free Market provide the Appropriate levels of salmonella in their food that the market mandates!!!

But are Americans Given that freedom??? NO!!! Because the evil repression of Obama, and his whole failed culture of Rich White Elitism, just hates the Guacamole!!!

IF we let the godless government Limit who can buy how much Salmonella, the next thing you know they will send their Persecutors to burn down our White Christian American Churches, and sell the white women as dispossable duty free assets!!!

Hum... now what was the problem there???

oh yes, they would be selling them to The Wrong Types!!! You know, the Uppity Ones who were all the loyal toadies of the President and his rich white elitist clique...

Hum... now what was the problem with that again???

Well, any way, they are Evil, and they are Liberals, and they are Brutally Repressing Freedom In america with their godless attacks on Peanut butter. Which is why american MUST stop the evils of FDA, and the other forms of brutal excess governmental interferance in the free trade!!!

Let the People decide how much food they want in their food like activities programmes!!!

Tags: generic_fear

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