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Why did the evil liberals ship defectives to US Military...

Suicides in the U.S. Army jumped 11 percent to a all-time high in 2008, as the stress of ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan took a greater toll on U.S. soldiers, the armed service said Thursday.

Preliminary figures, which showed the Army's suicide rate for the first time eclipsing the comparable suicide rate for U.S. civilians, prompted Army leaders to announce a new training and prevention campaign to identify soldiers at risk.

But Army officials acknowledged that the rising suicide trends that have occurred among active duty soldiers and reservists since 2004 have largely eluded efforts to understand and reverse the deadly phenomenon.
About 78 percent of deployed soldiers who committed suicide were on their first deployment, suggesting that some troops may learn to cope better with stress after multiple tours of duty, officials said.

Most of the soldiers who committed suicide after deployment took their own lives more than a year after their return home, which could suggest difficulties in returning to civilian life as a contributing factor.

[ cf U.S. Army suicides hit new high for 2008 ]
Could it be the side by side comparison with the Privatized Military????

And the sudden awareness that all of those Pro-War Types hiding behind HanoiAnnie Coulter's Skirts CONUS made it clear that only the failed evil liberal welfare queens were in the Armed Forces - the very same Stalinists whom Komrade Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was attacking were the core threat to privatizing the US Government back on 10 September 2001.


Could it be that with so many of the Pro-War Types never working out their own guilt about having hid behind HanoiAnnie Coulter's Skirts, that was not supportive of their support for the guys who were more anti-war than the next guy.... and .... and...

Ah yes, what if it is really that dumbly simple a part of the problem.

Or are we suppose to buy into some new mythology that it was all of them Anti-war protests that had put the white house under siege... and prevented him from winning the war winninglier....

WHAT if americans actually read "Shock Doctrine" and were thinking about what needed to be done to fix the failures of the Mythologies of Disaster Capitalism... Especially now that there are some 'economic flucuations ' in the Glorious Military Victories of the Homeland Security Investment Bubble...
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