drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

We Are Invading Which Countries Again?

US President George W. Bush Wednesday also backed moving Taylor's trial, but noted a Security Council resolution would be required.

Johnson-Sirleaf urged the United Nations to ensure that Taylor's dignity as a former president was protected, and that he was accorded a fair trial.

The Liberian leader assured other former warlords that no other Liberian has been indicted by the court in Freetown, and hence that there was no need for anyone to fear for the infringement of his or her rights.

[ cf M&C:Taylor arrest announced in Monrovia, Hague trial mooted ]
Hum, doesn't the president normally turn to the UN as his bestist, bestist friend when we are planning to accidentally invade some places.

So are we going into Sierra Leon? The Nederland? Or is this one of those 'march madnes moments' and the president is not sure which team he is betting on...

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