drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

PSA: You may be a Gay Married Couple anyway...

The Washington Monthly: LAPSING INTO PAGANISM.... The National Review's Michael Novak assesses Barack Obama's first six days in office, and is concerned about the implications of the president's decisions.
From these announcements we learn that President Obama recognizes no difference between the Jewish-Christian covenant between a woman and a man (a covenant that they will have and nurture children, if they are so blessed), and a civil contract between two persons of any sex, in order to set up a household of affection and sexual favors. This is a relapse into paganism.
Got that? Because the president believes in treating people equally, he's not just wrong, he's leading the nation towards paganism.
Last month, WorldNetDaily ran a piece equating liberalism with "Baal worship." Now, we're sliding into "paganism." I can't wait to see what we'll be called next.

[ cf News Flash: Michael Novak of AEI Says That Married Couples Who Use Contraception Are as Bad as... Gay Marriage!! ]
Yes, that is right.

Just because you married someone who is of another gender does not change the fact that your GAY MARRIAGE is an Apostasy and the root cause of GlobalEconomicMeltDown in a time of Homeland Security Investment Bubbling...

So all of you GAY MARRIED FOLKS who were formerly HeteroZeXuals, it is time for you to put on your Big G Sweatshirt and get in touch with God!!!

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