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Clintonesta Attacking Christianity And Persecuting Freedom!!

Authorities on Monday arrested the chief executive of a private New York financing firm on suspicion of running a purported Ponzi scheme that attracted $400 million in investments, U.S. law enforcement officials said.

Nicholas Cosmo, head of Agape World Inc on New York's Long Island, was said to provide commercial bridge loans, but was instead operating a traditional Ponzi scheme in which early investors are paid with the money of new clients, officials said.

[ cf NY financier arrested in purported $400 million scam ]

There you go!

Clear and Compelling Proof that the Godless Ones in Washington are taking away people's private savings with their Godless One Worlder Blue Helmetted attacks on White Christian America...

{ would it be polite to not a h/t to The Lure of Agape might make this seem less serious, as talk.bizarre is a well know Radical Right Wing Extremist Klique of Kave gnewt dwelling Krill Screeners }
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