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Terrorist Advocating Analog Systems!!!

Be Afraid!!! They Are Comming For YOU!!! In Analog!!!
Opinion - Chicago (IL) - An unpublished comment left today on the U.S. Coast Guard not responding to analog distress calls after Feb 1 article has got me thinking. With the huge push away from analog and toward digital, and existing federal authorities like the U.S. Coast Guard announcing they will no longer have equipment capable of monitoring previous analog frequencies - Well, hasn't that left a gaping analog hole available for possible terrorist uses? They could communicate covertly on open frequencies just by doing so with analog equipment.

Analog transmit and receive equipment is relatively simple to construct (compared to digital). There are $12 kits available at Radio Shack which allow someone to build them in AM or FM. It requires only basic, fundamental components like resistors, capacitors, wire, breadboard, batteries, coils, etc., all of which are readily available in every city.

[ cf Push for digital leaves analog hole open for terrorists ]
Now more than ever we must Plug The Analog Hole!!!

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