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Why does the Evil Liberal Media Like Torture!

In his post today, Glenzilla thoroughly parses the new Washington Post poll which indicates that solid majorities of the American people believe that torture should not be used in any circumstances, that terrorist suspects should be tried in regular courts and that there should be official investigations into the Bush era torture regime. It would seem that the beltway elite's characterization of people who hold such opinion as being "liberal score settlers" would both indicate that a majority of the country is liberal and that they actually believe that torture is wrong. Imagine that.
But regardless of his intentions, it's clear that the media has decided that he's trying to have it both ways. I'm sure that's very reassuring to them --- they all love torture and indefinite detention (except for themselves and their friends, who "suffer enough" if they are simply publicly embarrassed.) But if Obama's intention is to send a clear signal that America is not going to torture and imprison people in violation of the law and the constitution, the media that's supposed to convey that view isn't getting the message.

Let's hope they are just being myopic and stupid as usual. If they aren't, or this "confusion" is allowed to stand, then it's likely that the foreign policy benefit of changing the policies are going to be compromised. I hear that the foreigners have the internet these days.

[ cf Beltway Grassroots ]
digby does an amusing job picking on folks, Including Christopher Hitchen, who seems to believer that the desire to torture folks, and to do the rendition and stuff like that was coming from the bottom up....

Yeah.... Tastey there Hitch.....

It could never be that there were just plain old fashion EVIL PEOPLE who were leading an unpleasant display of what happens when folks allow evil to be the national policy Decider....

So even if the evil Liberal Media does not get it, it is SOOOO nice to see that so many americans have decided tostop supporting torture, now that it is no longer the new Pink....
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