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Evil Radical Judicial Activests Attack White Christian America

U.S. v. Shelby, No. 07-30183 (1-15-09). Marital aid is fine, so long as it does not lead to conflicts of interest, and violation of 18 U.S.C. 208, false statements, and wire fraud. The defendant was a manager in Bonneville Power Administration, which is a federal agency that produces and transmits power throughout the Northwest. The agency had a contract with a software company. Defendant is married, and she approached the company about hiring her husband, who was a salesman, and he was assigned to the Bonneville account. This starts the conflicts of interests, because she pushed for extensive use of the software and excused performance issues. Charged and convicted, she appeals, arguing that there was insufficient evidence. The 9th, in a per curiam opinion, affirms, holding that "conflict" is read broadly, and the evidence here was sufficient to show there was conflicts of interest, even if the contract had been entered into previously. The conflict was also material.
[ cf U.S. v. Shelby, No. 07-30183 (1-15-09) ]
Can there be any doubt but that this is the ONGOING Brutal Persecution of Christians who believe in the Sanctity of Marriage, never mind that the wife should have been home raising a godly family, and should not have been out in public where she could have been tempted by the Sinful Wicked Ways of a Worldly Godless Evil Liberal Land!!!

And what ever happened to the sanctity of having god given off shored NearShore Accounts where she could have put the escape funds...
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