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What should Libertarians Say???

With respect to Avner Greif's article on this week's readings, how do you have trade without a reliable system of law? How effective are substitutes for law at enabling trade? And what are the consequences of developing a legal system that provides a secure umbrella for the protection of property rights and the enforcement of contracts?
[ cf Econ 210a: Memo Question for January 28, 2009: Trade and Law ]
Remember, when answering, that the role of Law must be a totally outsourced free market based solution....

This will include not only the creation of laws, but the enforcement of laws.....

Once upon a time, as my friends will remember, i tried to explain to them that there were REAL CONSEQUENCES in a free market system where the law was what you personally brought to the negotiation table....

And for those prices, it becomes clear that LawGivers should be paid as Judge, Jury and Executioners, so as to qualify for the Discount Wholesale to you prices....

So once one abandons such a law Free system, one is moving towards a governmental system with some obligations and core values that can not simply be hollowed out and outsourced....
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