drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Yes Ethel There ARE Atheists In Fox Holes!!!!

But we need to accept the Wiccan?

It seems that Our Friends over at Fair And Unbalanced are emotionally traumatized that the DOD folks are unwilling to accept that the Wiccan Pentangle can be used to identify the Soldier's Religious Alignment. Which or course puts FauxNews in the unpleasant position of Openly Supporting Wiccans and their War on Our White Christian America, in their hopes of Avoiding their Victimization By Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome, so as to be pro-military-like.

The fun Kicker was the talking head noting that Yes, the DOD does recognize the Atheist Marker for Grave Stones, in it's list of acceptable tokens RELIGIOUS IDENTIFIERS AT U.S. VETERANS' CEMETERIES and/or VA recognized Head Stone Markers. Which if you roll down to No. 16 you will find the Corporate Seal of the American Atheist Corporation Of America, and not the venerable and classical Pink Unicorn which we all know is an assault On the One True And ONLY religion, headed by "J.R. Bob Dobbs" thus showing that the Evil Anti-Americans Of the Pink Unicorn Ilk are opposed to True Religion!!!

While Also revealing that the Evil Leftist Leaning God Hating America Bashing Anti-Military Types at VA.gov are engaged in the Apostasy of Opposing The Chuch of the SubGenius, and are clearly aligned with the Anti-Bob!!!!

All of which should make it clear that not ONLY are there persons MORE repressed by The Evil Liberals In the current Regime than mere Atheists, there are those who are being repressed by the Evil Pink Unicorns, and are being directly supported by the God Haters in the inner circle of those who are Opposing Operation Yellow Elephant as it seeks to secure enough boots in the Sand to keep the Bob In Everyone!!!!

Stop Them Before They Are More EVIL!!!!

Foot Demands IT!

Or the Terrorists WIN!

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