drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Internet used By Terroristical Performance Artists!!!

I was shocked to learn from unNamed Sources that God Hating America Bashers were listing Terroristicalisms:
Protip: if you are altering walls, billboards, or other signage in San Francisco with paint, wheatpaste, or stickers this is considered vandalism because it is difficult to remove. On the other hand if you do the alterations with printed paper on cardboard stuck up with easy to remove double-sided tape it's only considered littering.
( citing Super Sekret Hidden Godless Performance Art Terroristicalists )
Made all the MORE horrorFrying that the Literate Kabal Of Performance Terroristicalists were the QA/Benchmarking team that continued when the other Kabal got busted.

Is it just me, but that there is SOMETHING frightening about the Obamanites out changing the name of the street signs of Bush to Obama???

Like as if they totally lost respect for the War President!!!

And that in a time of the deflation of the Homeland Security Investment Bubble!!!

Update: More Signs of Terroristical Performance Artistry: ( Change Has Come To America )!
Tags: generic_fear

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