drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The American Berlin Wall

Folks, let us be honest, while we all know that it was the Berlin Wall that kept the soviet empire safe from the moral degeneracy of the Brutal Onslaught Of Western Cultural Degeneracy, it's just not the fix for America.

What we need to do is build the Canal on both the Canadian and Mexican Borders - on their Side of the Border - and then make sure that the first 45 miles, on their side of the border, are secured and cleansed, and seeded with Mines. This way americans will be able to sleep bettering knowing that we control the first 45 miles on the other side of the border and never again will Canadian or Mexican Artillery ever be able to threaten our American Way of Life!.

This approach will be far better than the Berlin Wall which put all of the security features on the Soviet Empire Side of the Line - and as we know, Russia Decayed into Chicago Style Gangsterism by failing to understand this improtant first lesson in Real Estate, which of course is the fast track to wealth, prosperity, and being able to own as many pert nippled Perky Breasted Young Females as will establish that you have been able to get over your Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome and do what had to be done to make a whole lot more money back here in the good old USofA rather than being one more welfare parasite working on some silly government Job!!!

Why Yes, if the Soviet Empire had beeen willing to support the Make a Lot of Money Flipping Real Estate In Your Spare Time Strategies to Prosperity, then they would still be able to fund their Half of the Cold War and there would be None of these Problems in the world that come about when there are no decent Cold Wars left to go chilling with...

So Yes, America, let's get to those All American End The Threat Of Immigration Campaigns!!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists Win!

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