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Why the GOP ran Obama...

Today is an historic day. The inauguration of a new President has become one of our most recognizable national ceremonies - a moment that binds the American republic together in observance of the peaceful transition of power from one Administration to the next.

This inauguration also marks a new beginning for the Republican Party.

I think most Americans are ready for solutions that work -- not taxpayer-funded bailouts and pork-barrel spending.

President Barack Obama's election symbolizes that hunger for change, and I look forward to working with him when he extends his hand across the aisle.

But there's no escaping the fact that more voters agree with you and me - not Democrats - on key issues like how we get our economy moving again.

We'll promote freedom, security, and a smaller, more accountable government. And we'll protect secret ballots for workers, keep talk radio free from government regulation, and unlock more American energy to reduce our dependence on foreign dictators.

House Republican Leader John Boehner

( email: website@nrcc.org : subject: Working Together )
Wow... the NRCC is now also the Smokingest BlingBlining Bling Blingers...

I feel soooo proud that we must protect the secret ballots for workers.... because, if they had to...

HUH? you mean there are parts of the nation where folks have to register with the department of homeland security to vote... and have to havea Dibold Monitoring System in place to make sure that their vote went to the Real Republican Obama Candidate of their choice....

And of course Talk Radio... because literacy is dead... and folks need to be able to chant DITTO to the Real Republican Obama of their choice....

And Ferrign Dictators... ARE THEY THAT HIGH!!!

Do They Really Think that americans are totally doped out???

But thank GOD the GOP ran the Real Republican Obama and didn't let those godless liberal democrats run him...
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